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Or if you're a person that really wants options...

If you are interested in purchasing an original the most convenient way is to click the blue button above, or follow this link to my page on eBay where you can just "tap to buy" via PayPal. It's super easy, and there's a discounted shipping rate! 


If you'd rather not go to eBay, please fill out the contact form below or scroll down further to call / email me directly. I'll confirm the availability of the piece and be in touch shortly.*

Reproduction prints are a more affordable option. It's not an original, but the artwork image will be printed high-quality and not lose its integrity. This option gives the ability to customize the surface it's printed on (substrate), as well as the size. Reproduction prints are made when ordered.* Please specify the substrate (canvas, paper, wood, metal...) and size (height x width in inches) you'd like when you fill out the contact form below.

The most customizable and special option is to commission your own. While this option takes the longest, you'll get the exact artwork of your dreams, because you'll be involved in its creation! Work directly with me to make your custom masterpiece. Everything from style, to color, size, to subject matter, is entirely yours to decide. Or if you don't know exactly what you'd like, I'll take what you do know and use that to guide our inspiration. If you would like to commission your own, please fill out the contact form below, or scroll down for direct contact information.**

*Packing and shipping costs are not included in the price of the art and will be added at the time of purchase.

**There is an up-charge for commissions.

Kayleigh Mayes Ebenrick


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