Kayleigh Mayes Ebenrick is an artist living and working in Dallas, TX.


She paints inspirational artwork in both abstract and representational styles that are informed by a desire to create a sense of uplift and light. Shifting between painting Plein Air and in her studio, Ebenrick creates pieces that represent recognizable stories and Biblical spiritual concepts. 


Ebenrick’s signature style is cubist, with select areas of heavy impasto that creates a stained glass effect. The artist fractures an idea into different facets of interpretation, creating a light-filled prismatic effect. She hopes her art will impart a sense of joy and uplift. She loves to take a scene or idea and tell the viewer something new; present it in a new, beautiful way. She sees the visual arts as a means for expressing the beauty of Soul, not as a personal creator, but as a celebration of what divine Mind has already made.


Ebenrick graduated from Principia College, in Elsah, Illinois in 2011 with majors in Graphic Design and Mass Communication. Since then, she’s worked for several companies in their Graphics / Marketing departments. In one of these jobs, she worked for a corporate art provider, selecting original and reproduction artwork for banks, offices, senior living facilities, civic centers and law firms. She learned much about quality, sizing, framing, and many other nuts n’ bolts of the artwork industry. After a decade of living in the Midwest, the artist and her husband, Kenny, are now back in Texas near her family — and loving it!


The artist’s work has shown in group shows and competitions. Her work can be found in private collections across the country. 

Her art is available for direct purchase via PayPal here on eBay. 

She also hosts this online gallery at www.ebenrickart.com.


Ebenrick’s work is for anyone who wants fresh, uplifting art that invites the viewer to transcend the material by letting thought expand heavenward. Those who love light, beauty, a sense of space, fun, and the unexpected will enjoy her work. 


In order to capture the quickly changing light, shadows, wind and movement of nature, she paints her landscapes in Plein Air. She achieves the luminous glow of sun or moonlight through keeping some edges crisp, and softening others — playing with the focus. To do this she usually works in oil paint while making landscape art. She achieves the depth, complex effects, and impasto texture in her abstracts by using palette knives, and sometimes even layering in other found materials for texture. 


The artist is interested in… 

  • Capturing the vastness of a landscape and showing the colors that are secretly there.

  • Taking a familiar image or shape and fracturing it to show the glimmering facets of a new interpretation. 

  • Sharing a fun and fresh side to an idea that tells a story and transports the viewer to a higher place in thought.



Selected as one of six artists to show their work at Peace Haven Association in St. Louis, MO


Plein Air and Studio Artist



Graphic Designer & Project Manager for a Corporate Art Gallery / Art Distributer



Graphic Designer for a camp



Independent children’s book illustrator



Graphic Designer for a 3D Modeling Company


Scored 5/5 on AP Art Exam


Voted "Most Artistic" Student
Edward S. Marcus High School, Flower Mound, TX


Selected for/ participated in the "Challenges in Art" Program
New Canaan, CT



Noah University - The Art of Publishing


Plein Air Painting workshop with George Van Hook



Principia College - Graphic Design, Mass Communication

Studies: Visual Fundamentals, Graphic Design I, II, and III, Figure Painting, Color Studies, Art History I and II, Studio Art Capstone



Principia College Study Abroad in Turkey & Greece - Academic Focus: Art, Art History, Architecture



Brookhaven Community College - Summer Course: Photoshop



Edward S. Marcus High School - AP Art



"IFC Winterfest" The Crow Museum of Asian Art, Dallas, TX, Sponsored by the InterFaith Council in partnership with the Thanksgiving Square Foundation


“Wet Paint Tamworth” Tamworth, NH



“Trap, Mayes, & Burgesson Exhibit” Longview Farmhouse,
Town & Country, MO



“Impressions of Town & Country Exhibit” Longview Farmhouse, Town & Country, MO



“Art from the Guild” Lebanon Public Library, Lebanon, MO 



“Wine & Art Festival” Longview Farmhouse, Town & Country, MO



“Senior Capstone” Marshall Brooks Gallery, Elsah, IL



“Figure Painting” Marshall Brooks Gallery, Elsah, IL



“Turkey and Greece: Art and Culture” Radford Gallery, Elsah, IL


Bruce, R. & C. - San Antonio, TX

Cedars Camps - Lebanon, MO

Dow, K. & V. - St. Louis, MO

Eggers, B. & B. - Town & Country, MO

Eggers, J. & A. - Manchester, MO

Enderby, P. & A. - Gainesville, TX

Enderby, J. - Gainesville, TX

Fern Lodge - Castro Valley, CA

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Clarkson Valley, MO

Heidtbrink, F. - Chesterfield, MO

Henn, J. & A. - Clarkson Valley, MO

Henneberger, D. & C. - Dallas, TX

Holekamp, B. & K. - Ladue, MO

Howe, C. & C. - Dallas, TX

Johnson, J. & G - Wylie, TX

Kavanagh, J. & K. - Dallas, TX

Kavanagh, P. & M. - Mansfield, TX

Keith, B. - Fort Worth, TX

Lichti, D. & K. - Grapevine, TX

Little, E. & L. - Bellevue, WA

McCauley, B. & A. - Mount Pleasant , UT

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Stucker, J. - Sacramento, CA

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